Cherokee County Ag Show
Tuesday, February 12, 2019
9:00 – 3:00 PM
Little Sioux Event Center – 201 Linden Street, Cherokee

Attention Businesses:
Beware of Advertising Gimmicks

I have heard from a number of Cherokee businesses this week that have been approached by a company selling advertising to produce a community magnet or community guide.  First – the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce is in no way affiliated with this company and this is NOT a community sponsored project.

We know that as a small business, you have limited resources for advertising and promotions. We encourage you to always be cautious when approached by companies that you are unfamiliar with. Many of these companies will make it sound like they are representing a local school or partnering with a local organization or governmental agency because they thing it legitimizes their company. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. For example:

  • What organizations are they working with? Who from that organization are they working with? and then follow up to make sure it is legit.
  • What percentage of the ad sales go to that organization? If the answer is “none”, that tells you ALL of the money leaves our community and you have to wonder what’s in it for the local organization.
  • Find out how many items the company is producing and how they are distributed. Then follow up to make sure that is what they do. Unfortunately, if they do not follow through, there will be little recourse for you to get your money back after the fact.
  • And always check invoices to make sure of what you are getting. Some of these companies make up invoices to send without ever asking if you want to advertise.
  • Research a company you are unfamiliar with on the Better Business Bureau website to see if there have been complaints about their business practice.

Attention: Nonprofits, government agencies, schools:

If you are a nonprofit agency, school, governmental agency, law enforcement, library, this affects you as well:

  • Be extremely cautious if a company you are unfamiliar with contacts you to distribute their “Free” maps, magnets, guides, totes, etc.
  • DO NOT agree to sign anything from the company, even if they just tell you they need you to sign it to agree to distribute their “free” items. They will turn around and use your signed document to convince advertisers that they are partnering with you. They could make it sound like you have authorized them to sell these ads, or give the appearance that part of the advertising money is going to you.
  • If the company can’t find a “partner” to help them distribute their products, they are less likely to attempt to sell advertising to our businesses.

Cherokee is your place to be… for a day, a weekend or a lifetime.

Cherokee sits in the beautiful Little Sioux River Valley in Northwest Iowa. We are located at the junction of U.S. Hwy 59 and State Hwy. 3, about 60 miles northeast of Sioux City, IA. The Little Sioux River winds through town and provides an excellent recreational source for fishing and canoeing as well as a backdrop to a beautiful park system.

Our Historic Downtown was built in the 1870’s and features many unique shopping opportunities. Cherokee’s Main Street was designated as a Cultural District by the State of Iowa in 2004. Live music and entertainment can be heard throughout the year, but especially during the annual Jazz & Blues Festival.

Cherokee is home to the Cherokee PRCA Rodeo, Sanford Museum and Planetarium, Cherokee County Fair, Depot Renovation and Cherokee Symphony.

The Cherokee Chamber of Commerce strives to make Cherokee a positive place to live, visit and do business. Whether you are looking for something entertaining to do this weekend, or a new community to call home, a good place to shop or a place to open a new business, the Cherokee Chamber can help.

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